January 31, 2023

Pisces Daily 12/28/2022

Pisces Approx. Constellation Reference (Aries Zodiac Sign)

28th December 2022

12/28/2022. Lunar transit shows progress through difficulties.
Bad effects (if any) in the entire chart will be nullified to certain extent due to the auspiciousness of the overall chart.
Things you previously struggled with like diseases, debts, enemies, addictions etc may see improvement.
Some component of your earlier good karma is helping you in a fundamental way right now.
You will catch up with life’s problems and master them to a great personal advantage.
Some difficulties and hardships you had been dealing with will turn out to be advantageous now.
There is a certain fulfilment and ease associated with your sense of duty in life and the major actions you undertake.
There is a certain grace protecting and watching over you which will help ease any bady effects(if any) of the overall chart.