March 21, 2023

Focused Horoscope – Vehicles for Me

Spouse, Support, Marital LifeMy Mother, HomeMy Father, SuperiorsMy Children, Pregnancy, Cognitive MindLove Life, Romance, PleasureJob (Non-Independent Type), ServitudeMoney, Wealth and GainsVehicles for Me


Uses multiple levels of Karaka-analysis (Karaka ~’doer’), Karakatwa-houses (Karakatwa ~ ‘quality of being doer’), Bhavat Bhavam (a symmetry principle that goes well with the elegant Western Aspects), Dispositors, Dhristis (Aspects), Functional Maleficity, Arudhas (reflection and illusory nature of the world), Rahu and Ketu (Nodes) co-lordships to name a few. To put it in context, the analysis is many folds rigorous and is encompassing as many factors as possible than horoscopes elsewhere that will talk about just the houses, their lords, and planets aspecting them. These have also been suitably benchmarked against real eventful situations for a particular sign with one of the harshest Mahadashas running, that of Ketu (south node), which exacerbated the red lines into major life events.

Use preferably your Rising Sign but, at different levels these readings apply to moon and sun signs too. Usage of Tropical, Western sign is as indicated (and for Sidereal, Vedic Astrology as mentioned in the gray subtle highlight).

These predictions are to be read in a scale from green(good) to red(bad) as usual. The dates are for the major transits happening in the sky. So, the predictions apply to the dates spanning between the listed dates. Minor variations are possible even within the dates due to the swift movement of the Moon through the houses as well as the swift movement of the Arudha/Reflection of the Moon but, these variations can be neglected for brevity without any appreciable change in the color level.

As always, your Mahadasha period has the ability to override i.e. highly amplify these changes – bad becomes worst and good becomes great!

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