January 31, 2023

Jupiter in Vedic Aquarius Horoscope for 2021 – Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra

For Aquarius,

  • You will be preoccupied with problems related to people, relationships and in married life perhaps due to matters related to resources and gains taking the front seat.
  • There may be problems at workplace and job but you know how to deal with them or have the requisite ability to meet them.
  • There are chances of making money from other people outside of the service agreement(the job you do for someone else if any) through self initiatives, brave decisions, and enterprising ability in general.
  • This post will be updated for predictions with regards to the other planets too.



For Sagittarius,

  • This is a perfect time to do things that look difficult to others. Your efforts now have a component of luck. All kinds of writing, marketing, communicating as well as physical efforts will be rewarding financially and in terms of popularity.
  • This time may also offer you an opportunity to meet your future wife or husband or business partner through online social media platforms or in the community you live.
  • You efforts to succeed at the office or join a new workplace after college will bear fruit.
  • Business endeavors will see cash inflow. Good time for doing or using influencer marketing.



For Libra,

  • You may incur displeasure in relationships and partnerships due to obsession with your personal growth and independence.
  • Promotion and financial bonuses are on the cards at workplace or job.
  • You may be less motivated to run after things that once gave you joy.
  • You find your horizon expanding with a shift towards wisdom and deeper truths. This may also mean moving up in the educational ladder – from school to college and finding yourself in stricter or less exciting circumstances even though just initially.
  • If you were involved with some kind of creative endeavor this may be phase to see the gains coming out of it.
  • More predictions require we see the chart in totality with all the planets – something that will done later so don’t forget to check again.