January 31, 2023

Jupiter in Vedic Aquarius Horoscope for 2021 – Leo, Gemini, Aries

For Leo,

  • There can be no better time than this. Your image in society and the popularity will be all the more visible to everyone. You will come across agreeable, charming, joyful and magnetic in your relationships and partnerships.
  • Best time for those who do blogging, writing, copy-writing, vlogging and influencer marketing in general.
  • Energized Mars is further amplified by Jupiter showing that you can reach for the heights this time if you put in the efforts which will not be daunting.
  • You search for a job under someone will be fructified. If you work on any kind of independent venture of your own or with your partners, this phase will see the gains coming in more so if your work involves law, highest form of art or creativity, scientific discoveries, software, books, universities and postdoc etc.
  • Marital bliss will be showered upon you. My sister has this ascendant and her husband got back to work just at the onset of this Jupiter transit after a year of being laid off alongside dealing with a severe health crisis for many years now.
  • There may be adventure trips with family and friends to places of high elevation.
  • There will be more predictions in the upcoming update.


For Gemini,

  • The time looks promising for getting into a job though it may not come by easy.
  • Your mind will dwell on creative intellectual pursuits and you will go great lengths to dig out the truth which will give you joy.
  • The time may test marital relations perhaps due to office or work related stress.
  • That was just an overview. More could be said about the transit by looking at the other planets. So, watch this post for updates.




For Aries,

  • It is a great time. You could see the profits and benefits of the hard work you have been putting in for years now.
  • You may meet your girlfriend or boyfriend near to your house in the community you live or through social media. If you conceived, this might be the time to welcome the newest addition to the family.
  • Your reputation in the society will increase and marital life remain blissful.
  • A lot could be said about the other good planets too and how that fits into the above predictions. So, keep a watch on this post.