January 31, 2023

Jupiter in Vedic Aquarius Horoscope for 2021 – Virgo, Cancer, Taurus

For Virgo,

  • There will be temporary improvements in your home and relationship front where there were challenges. There may be an indulgent tendency when it comes to  things and faces you are deeply attached to. That may also bring some expenses with it.
  • There could be some spending associated with health issues.
  • You social image and the work you do could see a down followed by an up.
  • Ketu may cause you to take risks and be brave on the work front and force you to be anxious about improving the situation there and being in charge of your freedom.



For Cancer,

  • There may be a temporary feeling of lacking luck in general. This can play out as requiring more effort to achieve things.
  • However putting more effort and hard-work done for others can be easy at this time which means you won’t feel it hurting you enough. At least this is likely to happen after some initial hiccups.
  • There will be support of family and resources at your disposal.
  • There will be support from independent people at work (often at the top tier) or outsiders/foreigners.
  • You may miss out on opportunities due to indulgent and lax behavior.
  • You may need to take care of your father.
  • Along the same lines, your performance at the university for higher education could suffer also if that applies.


For Taurus,

  • There could be some sudden losses through career and work that will hurt your resources and force you to go out of a rut if you happen to be in one.
  • However, you are likely to get money owed to you outside of service contract. You may get a loan or receive unexpected money from someone you lent.
  • There will be an improved ability to work hard and think deeply.
  • You can visibly excel at research related jobs during this time. It could be anything related to things that are deep and invisible.
  • Additional probing (other planets and stuffs like that) is needed for this but for the time being I can say you to be careful with vehicles or high places. Will add more details later. So keep checking.