March 21, 2023

Nakshatra Based Horoscopes

These are really powerful and the de-facto tools for analyzing daily horoscope since the moon spends a day in each Nakshatra. There are 27 Nakshatras and so you get around 27 something days of a lunar month. Nakshatras are intimately related to the mind. According to Hinduism, these lunar mansions represent the wives of the moon with each of whom the moon spends a day. A Naskhatra can span across a sign sometimes, so two people of the same sign can have different horoscopes. When it comes to Mahadashas (and Antardashas) these nakshatras can powerfully (and almost stunningly) predict even long phases of your life spanning 7 – 20 years. Check out the Mahadasha finder in this website to know more about that.

Bad days in the Nakshatra horoscopes are bad for the mind which can ruin every luxury or entitlement. So, many important things are seen from the Nakshatra horoscopes including – marriage, business initiations, illnesses, recovery, death, suicides, accidents, legal outcomes, outcomes of wars, outcomes of interviews and exams etc.

Do remember to cross check the predictions with your usual sign horoscopes as they are independent of Nakshatra horoscopes and add another dimension to the predictions.

You need your Birth Nakshatra(i.e. Nakshatra occupied by moon) for these predictions. Which can be looked up in any vedic/sidereal natal chart or table. You can use the Birth Nakshatra Finder in this website.

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