January 31, 2023

Transit North Node 2022-2023 – Written Predictions – Capricorn

Tropical Sign of #Capricorn (0° to 24° of, else for 24° to 29° check next sign).

Same as Vedic 0° – 29° of Sagittarius.

On 17th March 2022,

Valid till ~ 17th Sept 2023


Your identity, your body and self the root of everything

(motivation, existence, awareness, perception ~ force of truth, to prevail, upliftment, stride) HARMONIOUSLY AND AUTOMATICALLY LINKED TO (children, healing ability, creativity, intelligence ~ driven to action, go-getting, initiating, leading) GETS HUED IN THE COLOR OF unrelenting, sudden, focus, materialistic

Personal resources, talents and strengths the support under all circumstances

(possessions, traditions, accumulated wealth, family ~ highest point, to be visible, powerful, royal) GETS HUED IN THE COLOR OF energy, action, ego GETS COMBINED WITH physical, illusion, material GETS HUED IN THE COLOR OF shield, unshakeable, overcoming fear NEEDS CAREFUL PLANNING AND DIRECTED EFFORTS FOR REALISING (life improvement, healing ability, stomach, creativity ~ initiating, first, go-getting, leading) GETS HUED IN THE COLOR OF unrelenting, focus, sudden, desires

Your friends and neighbors, the people you interact with outside of work

(entrepreneurship, short distance travels, liasoning, hands ~ suddenness, elite, achievement, culmination) GETS COMBINED WITH cognition, trickery, speech SUBCONCIOUSLY INDISTINGUISHABLE TO light of awareness, bliss, luck HAS THE ENERGY CAPABLE OF BEING DIRECTED TOWARDS THE ACHIEVEMENT OF (life improvement, intelligence, love relationships, fun ~ leading, initiating, go-getting, driven to action) BLENDING IN WITH sudden, desires, focus, materialistic

Needs and Longings what we do for our own interest, pleasure, happiness e.g. romance

(healing ability, life improvement, intelligence, to know about problems ~ leading, driven to action, initiating, go-getting) BLENDING IN WITH focus, materialistic, sudden AS A PRIMAL RESPONSE TO (WITHOUT MUCH FORETHOUGHT) (possessions, attachments, traditions, support ~ powerful, royal, highest point, to be visible) GETS HUED IN THE COLOR OF energy, ego, fiery, initiative BLENDING IN WITH illusion, physical, material, pleasure GETS COMBINED WITH shield, growth through resistance, unshakeable, overcoming fear

(to know about problems, creativity, fun, stomach ~ initiating, go-getting, leading, first) BECOMES ONE WITH focus, unrelenting, sudden EFFORTS HERE WILL HELP CAPITALIZE ON A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY RELATED TO (younger siblings, entrepreneurship, courage, short distance travels ~ achievement, suddenness, elite, culmination) GETS COMBINED WITH to discern, speech, intelligence, trickery GETS COMBINED WITH light of awareness, luck, joy, awareness

(intelligence, love relationships, stomach, creativity ~ driven to action, first, go-getting, initiating) GETS COMBINED WITH unrelenting, desires, materialistic HAS THE ABILITY FOR REALIZING (wife, team, partner, support ~ doing, action, ability, develop) BLENDING IN WITH depth of being, conscience, present moment, self

(romance, life improvement, to know about problems, intelligence ~ driven to action, initiating, go-getting, leading) BECOMES ONE WITH materialistic, sudden, focus HARMONIOUSLY AND AUTOMATICALLY LINKED TO (father, needed big changes, long distance travels, guide ~ recognize, creative, mental, present moment) BLENDING IN WITH ease, peace, caring, homely

(to know about problems, love relationships, romance, life improvement ~ driven to action, initiating, leading, go-getting) BECOMES ONE WITH desires, sudden, unrelenting REQUIRES MUTUAL COOPERATION WITH (leadership, gains, friends, network ~ be seen, exchange, others, partnership) SUBCONCIOUSLY INDISTINGUISHABLE TO moksha, relinquish desires, bravery, sweet pain of separation

Other people, partnerships spouse & married life, business

(relationships, roads, support, fame ~ ability, action, convey, doing) BLENDING IN WITH present moment, conciousness, depth of being THE EFFORTS OR COMMUNICATION HERE CAN CAUSE MATERIALISATION OF (intelligence, creativity, love relationships, romance ~ first, leading, initiating, driven to action) GETS HUED IN THE COLOR OF focus, desires, sudden, unrelenting

Things beyond control death, secretive and unknown things, power, and sexuality

(death, beyond control, deep, detachment ~ calming, ease, watery, changelessness) AS AN INTUITIVE KNEE JERK REACTION TO (to know about problems, healing ability, children, creativity ~ driven to action, initiating, leading, go-getting) BECOMES ONE WITH unrelenting, materialistic, desires, sudden

Major changes of life that are needed for breaking away, new unfamiliar perspectives

(luck, dharma, father, husband ~ present moment, creative, recognize, spontaneous) BLENDING IN WITH benevolence, peace, homely HARMONIOUSLY AND AUTOMATICALLY LINKED TO (to know about problems, stomach, romance, life improvement ~ first, leading, go-getting, initiating) BLENDING IN WITH materialistic, focus, desires, unrelenting

Career i.e. how you are seen and impact others, social status

(work, achievements, government, job ~ servitude, bondage, toil, austerity) BECOMING CHALLENGING WITH RESPECT TO (stomach, romance, to know about problems, life improvement ~ go-getting, first, initiating, leading) BLENDING IN WITH unrelenting, desires, focus, materialistic

Things done for others our ideals, broader perspectives

(network, lust, friends, fulfilment of desires ~ exchange, partnership, be seen, others) BLENDING IN WITH sweet pain of separation, relinquish desires, solitude WHOSE WEAKNESS OR STRENGTH DEMANDS PAIRING WITH STRENGTH OR WEAKNESS OF (romance, healing ability, to know about problems, children ~ driven to action, go-getting, leading, first) GETS COMBINED WITH materialistic, unrelenting, sudden, desires

Things given up, surrendered, sacrificed

(sacrifices, ultimate mastery, foreigners, deep creativity ~ unseen, submission, terminating, relinquish control) IN CONFLICT WITH (healing ability, romance, fun, children ~ leading, driven to action, initiating, go-getting) BECOMES ONE WITH unrelenting, desires, sudden, materialistic

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