March 21, 2023

Transit Predictions

Jupiter takes 12 to 13 months in a sign while moving across the sky. Saturn takes up to 2.5 years and the nodes takes up to 18 months to do the same. Not only a single house, but these planets affect every department of your life in a welcoming or challenging way. Traditional, manual predictions rely on a single house or at best three houses to draw the conclusions from but here we present the effects on most of the houses.

Rahu-Ketu or the North Node – South Node affect your life in a peculiar way. Changes brought about by Ketu are through difficult ways – separation, isolation, solitude, pain, suddenness to name a few. But, in the end they have an inherent sweetness and freedom associated with them which can be seen in a positive light. Contrasting this with Rahu, there is a pain of obsession that drives us to fulfill our desires. This chase keeps us hooked, saps our resources, and no sooner the satisfaction is attained we find ourselves with a feeling of hollowness, sadness, and despair.

The effects of Jupiter are the most auspicious. There is healing, replenishment, joy, warmth and support. On the other hand, the effects of Saturn on the different departments of our life attract misery, challenges, overcoming of fears and anxieties etc. What this means is that Saturn brings about growth, stability and resilience but first it makes us miserable. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

So, don’t forget to connect the dots through these horoscope readings. Remember that transit means the temporary condition that prevails during a certain time as opposed to the permanent condition which, for example, presents itself at birth of a person.

Jupiter and Saturn Transits
Nodes or Rahu-Ketu Transits

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